Saturday, April 19, 2014

T TV Dash Install Preparations Continued

Continuing on with the 2 TV dash install preparations. because that bottom connector is in there very tight and there is practically no slack in the wiring I have devised a plan to cut out a small section of the dash plastic and poke the connectors through to gain a little more slack in the wires so that I will either be able to tap into each wire or just add more length to the needed wires with "Butt Connectors."

I'll follow up with more progress on this. I was going to do it this morning but it was still a little cold in the garage I felt for doing any cutting on plastic as it can be more brittle when cold. As soon as it's a little warmer I'll get in there with my Dremel and do some cutting. As a precaution I think I am going to insert either a wooden stir stick or a strip of scrap metal in behind the plastic where I will be cutting just to make sure I do not accidentally cut into any wires that might be close to my cutout planed lines.

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