Friday, May 19, 2017

Hanging On By Faith Alone

I REALLY have to take a moment to thank so many of the people within the Knight Rider Community for their continued support of someone like me, someone who is a total "Greenie" with a project like this. And even though I realize that this is the progress of the fulfillment of a darned near life long dream for so many of you to have the faith and support that you have shown to a complete and total "new comer" is just so awesome and amazing!! I am and still consider myself to be "Green As Hell" with so many aspects associated with this project, there is not one thing I would consider myself an expert on, Not the Electronics, Not the Mechanical, Not the Bodywork, Not the Software Development & Coding... The ONLY thing I would consider myself to be a professional at is the Graphics and THAT is only because I have been doing that for so much of my life, but all else on this project has been Real Uncharted Territory for me. So I want to take this opportunity to thank so many of you wishing the Knight Rider Community for your continued support.

For Mick Dreeling who came along at the right moment when I was almost ready to give up on the software part being only able to get it so far and struggling and begging anyone to help me get it over the rough spots, to his wife who is so patient and understanding of our dream. For a guy who holds down both a full time job and a family life to be able to go out of his way and devote what little time he has to this project is just outstanding and I just don't have the words to thank him enough.

For Bo McDonald who has been in this hobby for so long, from the beginning from what I understand. For him to have such faith and show such support for again a "Greenie" such as myself is just so amazing.

For John Horton a New Yorker (And they Don't Trust Easy), to have a level of faith in myself and this project to actually donate expensive equipment is Beyond Stellar! Again I do not have the words to be able to thank John enough for his support and contributions.

There are SO many in the community who are waiting patiently for the completion and release of our Knight O.S. Software. To those of you just like us who are barely hanging on all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep the faith because more cool stuff is on the way and with each passing day we get closer and closer to achieving our dream. If it is one thing this project has taught me, it's that NO MATTER WHAT, NEVER give up, never quit, stay focused on the road ahead and the impossible CAN become real. Everyday with this project I have seen K.I.T.T. come more and more alive! So Hang On Tight My Friends.... we are getting closer and closer to the goal.