Sunday, June 5, 2016

Installing the P.I.R. Sensors Into K.I.T.T's Front Nose

I installed the two P.I.R. Motion Sensors into K.I.T.T's front nose by mounting them onto the Fog Lights assembly. I made a couple of "L" shaped brackets for the P.I.R. sensors that I have installed into small project boxes. Each of the Fresnel Lens Domes on each P.I.R. Sensor has been sealed around the edge with black silicone, the same with the connector plug at the back of the box with the Power, Ground and Signal wires. The project boxes were then mounted to the "L" shaped brackets which were in turn mounted onto the Fog Lights assembly.

While I had my front nose off I had remembered that my Fog Lights look like they could come down a little, more the centre two, probably by about a good half inch or so... that will be something to tackle while I have the whole front end all "Discombobulated" ;) I'm happy the P.I.R. sensors are installed... just need to be wired up to our Knight O.S. and then all will be good and ready for another testing. I REALLY wish those P.I.R. Sensors worked through smoked glass or plexiglass that was smoked then they would not stand out so much.... Oh well we work with what we have I guess.... but hey if anyone knows of a P.I.R. sensor capable of that I'd love to hear about it ;)

Knight Rider Front Nose P.I.R. Sensors Bracket Part Two

Knight Rider Front Nose PIR Sensor Brackets Part One