Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taillight Blackouts Installed

With the paint being dry now I was able to get the bumper back on and the taillight blackouts installed from Knight DesignsI can see I have some slight adjustments to make as I fear the rear hatch lock interferes with the middle part of the metal frame for the tail light blackouts, so I think that is going to need to be removed seeing how it is not used with the blackouts kit and is clearly in the way. I'm also not totally sure if I have my nylon spacers on right as it loos a little off, kind of hard to describe what I mean, hopefully you can see in the pictures what I mean?

I included a good shot of what I mean by the rear hatch lock interfering with the metal frame. Here you can clearly see how it "Bows" out the middle of the frame a little too much, so that lock will have to be removed for sure. Even though it was not mentioned in Billy's install video from what I recall, but it's clearly an issue.

One other thing I noticed that is bugging me is the black of the bumper. I figured that I should be able to get away with the "Dupli-color" Jet Black but as you can clearly see it is as I had feared NOT as deep and rich a black as what is on the car already and I want that kind of black. So what I am going to do is find another automotive lacquer based paint that is a much deeper and richer black. I find it particularly frustrating that Dupli-color makes deeper black in the small spray cans but NOT in the cans for spray guns, WTF!! How blasted stupid is that!?! This is a REAL pity too because other than that I am pretty happy with the products that Dupli-color carries.... not so thrilled about selection of colours they have in spray cans VS liquid ready to spray cans for air guns. That I just don't get!!

So overall, pretty happy with the way things are going I just need to do some adjustments and what I will do about the bumper is get a more darker black and repaint the bumper from the parts car and swap them out and eventually down the road repaint this one that I've just put back on the car. Note to the wise out there though. Dupli-color Jet Black is NOT a dark enough colour for our K.I.T.T. conversions ;) I discover by trial and error yes ;) However if you are good with using spray cans the "Universal Black" IS a nice dark and deep rich black. ;)

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