Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fog Lights and Upper Console Updates

I was finally able to get the wires for the Fog Lights through the old antenna wire hole after removing the antenna mast. I got a little lucky as only the top clip on the passenger side air extractor was intact so I was able to reach down with a long piece of metal and pop it out. Once out I was able to get the antenna mast out easily and remove the rubber grommet for the wire and pull the antenna wire through into the passenger compartment and then thread it through up under the dash for proper install later on. I was then able to pull my wires for the Fog Lights through the hole that was used for the antenna wire so now those wires are in a much better position for lengthening and then running them up the passenger side windshield frame and across the forward head liner to the upper console, I just need to get some orange wire or find out if I have the correct other colour that is compatible for splicing, so long mainly that my wire starts with orange and ends with orange just to be consistent.

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