Monday, May 5, 2014

Rear Taillights Compartment Update

Getting the rear taillights compartment primed and painted. I kept trying to hold out for a warmer day but our weather has been just so frustrating with it's giving me just shy of what I need for ideal painting conditions... we'll today I had, had about enough if that so I said "screw it...I'll just put the small electric heater on out there and boost the temp out in the garage." So I did and I'm just waiting for the primer to dry so I can paint.

There we go, primer dry enough for the paint. I was going to haul my Compressor out there and use the spray gun for the taillights compartment but considering it is never going to be seen and is more for my own piece of mind I just decided that I would just use a simple spray can of universal black.

Soon I'll be able to take off all the masking tape and paper and re attach my bumper. I might let the paint set overnight before I decide to put the taillight blackouts on or just wait four or so hours and do it then... still plenty of time left in the day so I'll see how that goes. I have the little electric heater running still to keep the temperature up so that should help speed up the drying time a little.

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