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For a little convenience sake I have arranged a page specifically for any Diagrams and Schematics I used or created in the creation of my Knight Rider 2000 (K.I.T.T. for easy reference). Many of these Diagrams and Schematics are specific to electronics from certain vendors so compatibility with other electronics and systems I would recommend checking out thoroughly before attempting to implement them into your own projects. My understanding is that most of the electronics work generally the same but I would still recommend caution as your electronics are expensive. In my case most of my electronics are from Knight Rider World and made by Ideegeniali, and some buttons from Jupiter Electronics.

Dash Electronics Wiring Diagram

If you are using the dash electronics from Knight Rider World be sure that your buttons from the P.A.N.P. group are of the "Momentary" type as the Step Relay makes momentary buttons into latching buttons. The KRW Voice Box controls the P.A.N.P. button lights

Switch Pods Wiring

You can solder a wire to either one of the two connection points for each button, you do not need a wire for each point as they are connected inside of the switch.

This 2nd diagram is for an option of using one of the Switch Pod Buttons to cycle through the Message Centre messages. The Momentary Button on the Pod closes power to ground which energizes the magnetic coil of the Relay closing the Relay's internal switch and this then if hooked up as a switch between the GND and CYC should cycle the message on the Message Centre.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On my diagram I have RED wires which may be a bit confusing, they should actually be BLACK & NOT RED. As it's a (-) pulse from the Switch Pod Buttons.
This next diagram shows how I have used some of the Switch Pod buttons to replace the buttons of an Annunciator External Car Loudspeaker, here I have used the the Switch Pod Buttons to activate the switch of a series of SPST Relays to replace the momentary mini push buttons on the Annunciator Sound Board. By using this method you should be able to use the Switch Pod Buttons to run just about anything using either SPST Relays or Step Relays.

My Scanner Lens Template

Fog Lights Wiring Diagram

For my particular wiring scheme I used the top diagram. But both methods will work. I worked out the wiring of the Fog Lights to make use of a Relay because the useless diagram and instructions that come with the Fog Lights do NOT say ANYTHING about needing a Relay, and you do otherwise you will just keep blowing switches or it just won't work. I found out the hard way not being familiar with Automotive wiring.

Lower Console Wiring Diagram 01

My wiring diagram for the 10 coloured, lighted buttons on the lower console from Jupiter Electronics. This diagram takes into account the tiny markings on the edge of the Solder-less connection board that match (Or Should) up with the corresponding terminals on the switches. When in doubt check very carefully with a magnifier and a Multimeter if necessary.

NOTE: in this diagram I have illustrated a wiring scheme from the "NO" (Normally open) using black or (-) connections to 12V, you can use Red (+) and just switch a positive connection to complete your circuit through a Relay out to your desired device also, it just depends on wether you want to switch at the ground or 12V.

Lower Console Wiring Diagram 02

My wiring diagram for the centre 4 three position lighted rocker switches. I was trying to see if I could come up with a diagram to also include the option to have the switch only light up when the switch is in it's on position in either direction but because the bulb in the switch is not connected to the actual switch internally this was proving to be a little difficult for me to figure out. If some one has managed to do this it would be greatly appreciated if you would share how that was done. I'll post a diagram here and give you credit if you have managed to do this. However in this diagram the light is on at all times so long as power is connected to the switch. I do know that some people hook up their upper and lower consoles to a master on off switch, so you can always do that if you for whatever reason don't want your consoles on all the time. This diagram shows a configuration for making a ground connection to the SPST Relay to activate the magnetic coil inside of the Relay which activated the Relay's internal switch allowing power to flow to your device.

Adding Diodes To Switches Option

I was kindly informed by one of the Knight Rider Community members Andrea Lannaccone on Face Book about a very simple, cheap and clever way to have a little more options with the SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) lighted white rocker switches on the lower console using a few 1N4007 Diodes that can be added easily into the circuit for the switches. These Diodes are very inexpensive, you can get a 100 of them for just a few bucks usually on eBay.

Here is a diagram that Andrea tweaked up using my original graphic showing the instalment of the Diodes. By doing this your switch lights will only light up when your chosen device is actually turned on. This gives a little more flexibility to how you want your rocker switches to light up.

If you use your switches with a positive (+) feed you would simply invert the Diodes polarity.

Here is a sample picture of the type of Diodes used for easy identification. NOTE: The "|" symbol is the Cathode (Negative -) and the triangle is the Anode (Positive +).

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

Here is a simple diagram that breaks down the basic parts of your average LED light. Notice how the symbol for the LED (light emitting diode) differs slightly from just a common diode in that it has arrows indicating that it emits light.


if you are working on your Lower Console wiring and need to wire one of your switches to activate the Parking and Headlights this hand diagram will definitely guide you in the right direction if you have a 1982 Firebird as your base car for your Knight Rider Conversion Project.


Special thanks goes out to Anthony Giannakis  on Face Book for helping with the circuit diagram for this scheme of how to utilize the outer Fog Lights as turn signal indicators. In this diagram the lime green wire triggers the circuit on or off. You can use a Relay or Switch, even a trigger from our Knight O.S. Software to activate the circuit.

If there is enough interest in the K.R. Community Anthony may make a Module for this.

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