Friday, January 17, 2020

Giving KITT Even More Of A Free Will

One of the things I liked most about KITT in Knight Rider was his ability to act entirely on his own. Many of you may know I have several scenarios where my KITT can do that... well, maybe you don't know?? I'm under the impression nobody reads my blog posts, they are more for me really anyways just so that I have a complete record of everything I am doing with this project from start to "finish," I like that word "finish" because it implies that I may actually be done with this project at some point, and I have to laugh at that because I'm constantly thinking of new things that I know are possible and I want to do them it always just comes down to that steep learning curve of self teaching myself "How to do it."... Anyways I kind of got off topic there, my mind does tend to wander ;) Anyways, as I was saying I always liked the idea that KITT could act on his own and in the past I have built in many scenarios where based on certain conditions KITT seems to do just that. I've come up with other ways to give KITT more of a free will based on numerous scenarios and conditions, even a bit of a "moral compass" if you will, based on simply "Is something moral or legal" as it's pretty much a black and white situation with little grey area, which also can be pretty clearly defined. So I kind of figure in our minds we have a list or lists of "Do's and Don'ts" just as an example, so giving KITT the same sort of list so to speak to check on any given scenarios gives KITT a little more information to not only better form a response but also act accordingly given a particular scenario.

A rough example would be something like:

"Hey KITT"
"What Michael?"
"Let's blow some red lights pal"
"That's illegal Michael"

KITT's normal response is pretty "Canned" in that although he responds from a random array, his response's have still been pretty much "Pre-determined." But giving KITT a list of things he can check on his own to see if something exist on that list now gives him the ability to make a more informed response instead of a "canned" one. On the outside you would never really notice much difference really, I just like the idea that he's responding based on more information than just a random response array ;)