About Me

I'm a self taught graphic artist. I originally started out many years ago as a traditional artist with painting, illustrating and making models from scratch. I built props and miniatures for a few years for low budget film companies and when computers began taking over the industry I knew it was time to learn the digital world... lol... I learned it the hard way to with no professional instruction. Because I love making models so much I eventually got into 3D I have created book cover art, and much of my work has been published in magazines and books. I have a fond interest in subjects like science fiction, Gothic horror, UFOs& the Paranormal all of which have profound influences on my work.

I have always loved the hands on kind of artwork and sculpture so I am very much glad that this last year owning a house finally has afforded me the space to actually get back into more traditional artwork. Working on my Knight Rider project has given me more opportunities to learn new skills and work on things I never thought I ever would, like the electrical aspects of this project and some minor automotive work as well.

All my life I have always wanted to own this car. Especially since my name is Michael Knight. You see back when the show was on TV people always used to say to me: "Hey where's Kitt." And I never got the joke until I eventually saw the show. I swore one day I would have this car!


  1. I am searching for what relays you used. Where can I get them?

  2. Wow similar story here. I'm a artist as well..do you have a Facebook page

    1. Cool, This link might work?