Monday, November 12, 2018

Knight O.S. Launcher Is Done

The Knight O.S. Software launcher is completed, now all that needs to be done for the Beta Release is the Installer. As you can see from the picture above the launcher has two options. Option one allows the user to open the PDF Manual, opening the PDF Manual will leave the application launcher window open. Option two will launch the Knight O.S. software, this action opens the Unity3D build and the Voice server app at the same time. The voice server app runs in the background in the system tray whereas the Knight O.S. Unity3D build will open to full screen. Clicking on the "Launch" button will close the application launcher window.

Next I'll be looking into creating the Installer application that will install the knight O.S. software, launcher and necessary Desktop Folders for the user to easily access their Music files and Surveillance Photos captured by K.I.T.T.