Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adafruit Mini 2MB Sound FX Board Test

So I finally got around to testing out the Adafruit 2MB Flash Sound FX board I had picked up quite some time ago, I had been meaning to get around to it but was constantly getting side tracked with so many other projects. Today I hooked up the USB cord and plugged in the mini board and copied over the WAV and OGG files with the correct naming convention as per the instructions on the Adafruit web site. The board works like a charm and is very simple to use just like they say. This will be perfect for some sound FX that I know will get used a lot and I think should be built right into my K.I.T.T. project. I have a demo video here, I do apologize for the focus though but it's gets the point across as to what is going on and how easy it will be to hook up these contacts that activate the sounds on the board very easily to some of my Switch Pod and Space Matt buttons.

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