Friday, October 21, 2016


You guys are gonna love this!!

While K.I.T.T. is in Surveillance mode he can determine if someone he is talking to is NOT Michael. And then ONLY accept conversational commands.... in other words if it is NOT Michael then he will ignore any commands that activate K.I.T.T.s functions like button presses, doors, scanner, trunk popper.... you name it.

Also Unless you are Michael ONLY certain "Factoids" are accessible like for instance ONLY Michael can ask for information about K.A.R.R. or Who is Michael Long, Or Who is Wilton Knight.... and so on.

"Factoids" like "Who is Billy the Kidd" can be accessed by anybody.
While in Surveillance mode someone could come up to K.I.T.T. and say:

"Where's Michael?"

And because it is Not Michael who has asked that, K.I.T.T. will respond with:

"Michael is indisposed at the moment."
IF it is Michael he will respond by saying something like:
"Are you kidding me Michael?"
"You must be Joking."

K.I.T.T. while in Surveillance mode, when motion is detected he discreetly asks for a password on his monitor, during which there is a 10 second window to give the correct password.
A failed attempt within that 10 second window and K.I.T.T. goes into an "Intimidation" mode where he runs through a sequence of inquiries at a high threat level detection.... he is ONLY in a High threat level mode because a password was attempted within that 10 seconds.
During his inquiries he is waiting for responses that are either:
Favorable Responses
Unfavourable Responses.
Depending on which one was given, he responds....
During this inquiry it is possible that someone simply passed by and accidentally triggered that mode so he does a final check to see if motion is either still being detected and he is hearing vocal commands he recognizes.
If there are none and no motion is detected he then just goes back into a "Loiter" mode.
Otherwise he figures there is still a threat and his inquiries are just being ignored to which he will respond by saying:
"Well... Don't say I didn't warn you."
From here he then goes into a "Defensive mode."
Our Knight O.S. Surveillance mode is getting really tricked out

Friday, October 14, 2016

KITTs Shutdown Sequence WIP Part 2

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