Thursday, May 29, 2014

Impact Absorption Rubber Reattachment

Reattaching the impact absorption rubber for the front nose. Good idea to have that safety feature put back in place.

More 2 TV Dash Install Preparations

More preparation fro the instal of my 21 TV Knight Rider Dash.

Monday, May 26, 2014

24 Pin Connector Installed

I have installed the first half of the 24 Pin Connector as part of my Knight Rider 2 TV dash install. Took a while to solder the wires to each of the 24 Pin Connector wires and then heat shrink tube each wire to make sure they were properly insulated. Once done with the connections I had to make new labels for each wire closer to the connector plug so I will be able to identify each wire coming from the dash. There are a few of them I'm pretty sure do not get used but just on the outside chance that one day they might get used it will be nice to know what they are so I'm glad I have taken the time to make sure that I have identified each of the dash wires.

I had to pop out to Canadian Tire to pick up some 3/4" wire protector to wrap the wires up into a nice harness. I zip tied the harness to the plastic of the dash so it will not move around much. I'm not sure where it will be best mounted from there? What I will need to do is install the other part of the 24 Pin Connector to the Knight Rider dash and see where the best location for securing the wire harness will be. For now I just have the end of it draped over the steering column till then.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Upper Console Installed

I have the upper console pretty much installed. I have some tweaking to do and I want to see if I can add some more felt around the top edge to try and tidy up my install a little more. I also want to make sure my wires are tucked away neatly inside of the console, I did a pretty good job but there are a lot of wires in there so I just want to be doubly, doubly sure that there are not any pinched wires or wires that are not properly insulated that could cause a short, a short would be very bad! :(

I have the push buttons wires run down the drivers side windshield frame and under the dash to be plugged into the tone generator on the Knight Rider World Voice Box. They too can be hooked up to do things individually but that would be a whole load more wires to deal with so for now I'm OK with them just being hooked up to a tone generator when I put the Knight Rider 2 T.V. dash in. I have the rocker switches wired, the first two as mentioned before are for the front Fog Lights, the other four switches are not yet assigned for any purpose yet, not sure what I'll use them for just yet.

The headliner near the front will need some additional padding as I appear to have a gap there that needs to be filled, perhaps some 1/2" foam rubber under the headliner will do the trick? I'll see what I can do about that.

I'll follow up a little more on my install with a video as I know there are many out there who seem to like my videos.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reinforcing the Switchpods

I'm not entirely sure if it is a necessary job or not but after hearing a few stories on how the switch pods tend to get in the way of your knees from time to time and with that possibly being an open invitation to getting them damaged I thought of perhaps reinforcing them with some thick pieces of aluminum. I picked up some stock aluminum and this is what I came up with. I will glass thus into place and that should add a significant amount more sturdiness to the switch pods along the bottom where they are in possible danger of being constantly bumped with my knees getting in and out of K.I.T.T.

Voice Box Bezel Arrives

Yayyyyy.  My K.I.T.T.  voice box bezel has arrived from Knight Rider World.  Awesome! So now I'll be able to get that and my VB module installed into the two TV  dash soon. I just need to get some other projects done and out of my back work room first. ;-)

I am very pleased with the quality of this VB bezel, it's solid very sturdy construction and the overlays are colourful and very well made. I can't wait to see how this will look along with my VB module that I also got from Knight Rider World.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Headlight Assemblies Back In

Now that the paint is dry and has had time to cure overnight it was time to put my motorized headlight assemblies back into the front of the car. For right now they are just bolted back in finger tight so I can do any adjustments to them once my Turbo Hood, and front nose are installed onto the car. Once that is all done I'll replace the headlight bulbs and bezels. The bezels I still need to perhaps trim but I'm not there yet, gotta see how things are fitting first.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Headlight bays painted

Finally got around to priming and painting the headlight bays. I gave the whole area a good going over with my drill using a wire brush tip to scuff up the painting surface real good before priming. Cleaned up the surface with some rubbing alcohol and a quick going over with the tac cloth just to catch any particles of dust that might be still there. So now I'll be able to reinstall my motorized headlight assemblies. I won't put the headlights or the bezels in just yet as it will make it difficult putting the front nose on and I still need good access to those areas where the bolts attach the front nose to the fenders. I'll also probably need to still run some wires for either my existing turn signals or some after market turn signals so even though I'm anxious to get my headlamps up and running again for now I'll make do with the headlamp motorized assemblies back in place, putting the bulbs and bezels back in will be no biggie later on. 

While I was painting I decided to give the front nose support plate another coat of paint too after giving it a good cleaning with some rubbing alcohol.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Upper console and Fog Lights Update

While doing my install of the upper console and the Fog Lights, I came to realize that I would need some place to add multiple ground connection inside of the upper console with all of the switches and electronics in there so I came up with this multiple ground connection mounting bar I made with 18 ground wire connection options. I made the bar out of three strips of metal flat bar sandwiched together. I counter sunk the terminal connection on the back by drilling holes big enough to accommodate the heads of the bolts I'm using for my terminal connections. The completed bar was then bolted to the T-Bar near the back of the console where the dome light used to be mounted.

This should give me a safe place to add multiple ground connections should I end up needing a few more than I think.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fog Lights and Upper Console Updates

I was finally able to get the wires for the Fog Lights through the old antenna wire hole after removing the antenna mast. I got a little lucky as only the top clip on the passenger side air extractor was intact so I was able to reach down with a long piece of metal and pop it out. Once out I was able to get the antenna mast out easily and remove the rubber grommet for the wire and pull the antenna wire through into the passenger compartment and then thread it through up under the dash for proper install later on. I was then able to pull my wires for the Fog Lights through the hole that was used for the antenna wire so now those wires are in a much better position for lengthening and then running them up the passenger side windshield frame and across the forward head liner to the upper console, I just need to get some orange wire or find out if I have the correct other colour that is compatible for splicing, so long mainly that my wire starts with orange and ends with orange just to be consistent.

Upper Console Installation Video part 5

Upper Console Installation Video part 5:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

Upper Console Update 3

I had to cut out part if the headliner and then cut out a section of the T - bar in order to make a hole to allow some room for the backs of my side rocker switches on the upper console. That was a slow and painful job cutting that out with my Dremel tool. I did another test fit and still need to make the hole a tiny bit bigger as it still interfered with the switch wire connectors.... A little job to continue tomorrow. I'll also file the edges of the hole smooth once I am satisfied that I have a good fit and then prime and paint my hole to prevent any rust getting in there. I'm getting close to having the upper console installed.

Upper Console Update 2

Finally got the primer and a good 2 coats of universal black paint on the upper console and put in my custom rocker switch bezel and switches. I'm just waiting on the last lighted rocker switch that is being shipped from Calgary to Active Tech Electronics Canada, that should be ready for me to just walk down and pick up on either Monday or Tuesday, they'll call me and then I can just walk down and pick it up. lol I live close by so the place it just a 15 minute walk away. ;)

Then all I need is something cool to put into that forward electronics area, I might just put a simple digital clock in there along with a few extra momentary push buttons.... we'll see ;)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Upper Console Update

Working a little more on my upper console. I made an aluminum switch bezel for some lighted rocker switches that I got from a local electronics supplier. I know they are not "authentic" but I like them and they will look good there in this location. I figured seeing how I already had two lighted rocker switches for the front nose fog lights and that they needed to be mounted somewhere that what better place than mix them in with a few more of the same type of switches in that side section on the upper console.

The stock aluminum I picked up from a local hobby shop. I used the hole in the plastic bezel that came with the fog lights switches to get the dimensions for the holes that would need to be cut into my aluminum bezel. Once cut out, filed and sanded my custom rocker switch bezel is ready for priming, painting and clear coating. I picked up some black nylon screw fasteners that will be perfect for securing the whole assembly of rocker switches and custom bezel onto the switch area of my upper console. I'm just waiting for the paint to dry and then I'll be able to mount my switches. I'm getting close to getting my upper console done, soon it will be time to install it into K.I.T.T.  ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taillights Blackouts Fitting Much Better

Now that I have removed the rear hatch lock cylinder the taillights blackouts are fitting much better. So far I'm finding that I don't need to drill out the holes any bigger although I could see that making adjustments a slight bit easier. But if I don't need to then I guess it saves any unnecessary drilling. ;)

Taillight Blackouts Installed

With the paint being dry now I was able to get the bumper back on and the taillight blackouts installed from Knight DesignsI can see I have some slight adjustments to make as I fear the rear hatch lock interferes with the middle part of the metal frame for the tail light blackouts, so I think that is going to need to be removed seeing how it is not used with the blackouts kit and is clearly in the way. I'm also not totally sure if I have my nylon spacers on right as it loos a little off, kind of hard to describe what I mean, hopefully you can see in the pictures what I mean?

I included a good shot of what I mean by the rear hatch lock interfering with the metal frame. Here you can clearly see how it "Bows" out the middle of the frame a little too much, so that lock will have to be removed for sure. Even though it was not mentioned in Billy's install video from what I recall, but it's clearly an issue.

One other thing I noticed that is bugging me is the black of the bumper. I figured that I should be able to get away with the "Dupli-color" Jet Black but as you can clearly see it is as I had feared NOT as deep and rich a black as what is on the car already and I want that kind of black. So what I am going to do is find another automotive lacquer based paint that is a much deeper and richer black. I find it particularly frustrating that Dupli-color makes deeper black in the small spray cans but NOT in the cans for spray guns, WTF!! How blasted stupid is that!?! This is a REAL pity too because other than that I am pretty happy with the products that Dupli-color carries.... not so thrilled about selection of colours they have in spray cans VS liquid ready to spray cans for air guns. That I just don't get!!

So overall, pretty happy with the way things are going I just need to do some adjustments and what I will do about the bumper is get a more darker black and repaint the bumper from the parts car and swap them out and eventually down the road repaint this one that I've just put back on the car. Note to the wise out there though. Dupli-color Jet Black is NOT a dark enough colour for our K.I.T.T. conversions ;) I discover by trial and error yes ;) However if you are good with using spray cans the "Universal Black" IS a nice dark and deep rich black. ;)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Rear Taillights Compartment Update

Getting the rear taillights compartment primed and painted. I kept trying to hold out for a warmer day but our weather has been just so frustrating with it's giving me just shy of what I need for ideal painting conditions... we'll today I had, had about enough if that so I said "screw it...I'll just put the small electric heater on out there and boost the temp out in the garage." So I did and I'm just waiting for the primer to dry so I can paint.

There we go, primer dry enough for the paint. I was going to haul my Compressor out there and use the spray gun for the taillights compartment but considering it is never going to be seen and is more for my own piece of mind I just decided that I would just use a simple spray can of universal black.

Soon I'll be able to take off all the masking tape and paper and re attach my bumper. I might let the paint set overnight before I decide to put the taillight blackouts on or just wait four or so hours and do it then... still plenty of time left in the day so I'll see how that goes. I have the little electric heater running still to keep the temperature up so that should help speed up the drying time a little.

Clear Coated

Rear bumper clear coated and ready to go back on the car. It needs to be polished but that can be done more easily on the car and done later, first I still need to prime and re paint the tail light compartment in order to get the tail light assemblies back into place for the Taillight blackouts, lol I'm still waiting for some warmer weather for outdoor painting because even though it is in the garage, the temperature is still only around 10 degrees Celsius, so a little cold for painting. I might just try and run the little electric heater today and see if that will help because I'm anxious to get that back end assembled and completed. ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

2 TV Dash Install Update

I ended up removing those "Butt-connectors" as I had heard that they are not very reliable over a long period of time. So now I have soldered the wires together and put Heat-shrink tubing over the connections. That job took a while, most likely because it was still a little cool out in the garage, only a little above 10 degrees Celsius. 

Still waiting on some dash electronics and small stuff like connectors but we are getting close to having the dash installed. Sometime soon I should do a test fit of the dash and see where we are sitting with how it will fit and look. ;)