Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taillights Blackouts Fitting Much Better

Now that I have removed the rear hatch lock cylinder the taillights blackouts are fitting much better. So far I'm finding that I don't need to drill out the holes any bigger although I could see that making adjustments a slight bit easier. But if I don't need to then I guess it saves any unnecessary drilling. ;)


  1. Awesome work dude! I'm in the initial process of building my own kitt car and you're going to be such an inspiration.. Dude the original firebird back bumper doesn't look as attractive as the knight rider bumper.. Wouldn't you say?

  2. But you're doing a great job dude.. Really awesome.. I'm thinking of getting advice from you now.. Would you be willing to help me with your precious advice? One KR die hard fan to another?