Monday, May 26, 2014

24 Pin Connector Installed

I have installed the first half of the 24 Pin Connector as part of my Knight Rider 2 TV dash install. Took a while to solder the wires to each of the 24 Pin Connector wires and then heat shrink tube each wire to make sure they were properly insulated. Once done with the connections I had to make new labels for each wire closer to the connector plug so I will be able to identify each wire coming from the dash. There are a few of them I'm pretty sure do not get used but just on the outside chance that one day they might get used it will be nice to know what they are so I'm glad I have taken the time to make sure that I have identified each of the dash wires.

I had to pop out to Canadian Tire to pick up some 3/4" wire protector to wrap the wires up into a nice harness. I zip tied the harness to the plastic of the dash so it will not move around much. I'm not sure where it will be best mounted from there? What I will need to do is install the other part of the 24 Pin Connector to the Knight Rider dash and see where the best location for securing the wire harness will be. For now I just have the end of it draped over the steering column till then.

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