Thursday, May 8, 2014

Upper Console Update

Working a little more on my upper console. I made an aluminum switch bezel for some lighted rocker switches that I got from a local electronics supplier. I know they are not "authentic" but I like them and they will look good there in this location. I figured seeing how I already had two lighted rocker switches for the front nose fog lights and that they needed to be mounted somewhere that what better place than mix them in with a few more of the same type of switches in that side section on the upper console.

The stock aluminum I picked up from a local hobby shop. I used the hole in the plastic bezel that came with the fog lights switches to get the dimensions for the holes that would need to be cut into my aluminum bezel. Once cut out, filed and sanded my custom rocker switch bezel is ready for priming, painting and clear coating. I picked up some black nylon screw fasteners that will be perfect for securing the whole assembly of rocker switches and custom bezel onto the switch area of my upper console. I'm just waiting for the paint to dry and then I'll be able to mount my switches. I'm getting close to getting my upper console done, soon it will be time to install it into K.I.T.T.  ;)

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