Monday, May 19, 2014

Headlight bays painted

Finally got around to priming and painting the headlight bays. I gave the whole area a good going over with my drill using a wire brush tip to scuff up the painting surface real good before priming. Cleaned up the surface with some rubbing alcohol and a quick going over with the tac cloth just to catch any particles of dust that might be still there. So now I'll be able to reinstall my motorized headlight assemblies. I won't put the headlights or the bezels in just yet as it will make it difficult putting the front nose on and I still need good access to those areas where the bolts attach the front nose to the fenders. I'll also probably need to still run some wires for either my existing turn signals or some after market turn signals so even though I'm anxious to get my headlamps up and running again for now I'll make do with the headlamp motorized assemblies back in place, putting the bulbs and bezels back in will be no biggie later on. 

While I was painting I decided to give the front nose support plate another coat of paint too after giving it a good cleaning with some rubbing alcohol.

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