Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Knight Designs Led Fuel Pedal. New Design!

Got the electronics from Fred, just need Billy's pedal, either that or get creative with the spare one I have from the parts car, hmmmm tough choice ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Season 1 Monitor Frames Ordered

I ordered my season one monitor frames today from Knightscan on eBay. They had the best price I was happy with and at this time of year who doesn't need to save a few bucks ;) I like this shape too as I have always been fond of the season one monitor frames, they kind of remind me of Battlestar Galactica for some reason?? Don't know why but I like it ;) I think also I am going to get my LCD 5 inch touch screens from Adafruit as they seem to have the best price and a wide range of 5 inch LCD screens to choose from.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Digital Power Distribution Block And In-Line Breaker Switch Are Installed

I have wired up the digital power distribution block and in-line breaker switch. I pulled the 10 AWG wire that I had going to the 12 position fuse panel on the passenger side and upgraded it to a nice beefy 4 AWG run through the digital power distribution block, in through the 100 amp breaker switch, down along the fender and in through the old antenna wire hole. This way I can minimize the amount of wires that were starting to get crammed in through that hole. I pulled the fog lights wires with their 20 amp in-line fuses as well. I figure I will run the fogs off of that 12 position fuse panel as it has plenty of room and is rated at 105 amps, with a max of 30 amps per circuit. So running the fogs through there just seems to make good sense. Makes for a cleaner install with a lot less bunches of wires running all through that passenger side of the engine bay. There are plenty of free ports on that digital power distribution block should I ever need more power so that's great to have standing by should I have the need.

Changes Made To My Parts Mounting Bed

I made some changes to the way my parts were arranged on the Lexan plastic mounting bed for the digital distribution block and in-line breaker switch. I was somewhat concerned before about how close one of the ports on the distribution block was sitting to the top cap of the shocks assembly. I thought there might be a slight chance of some arcing possibly happening so I rearranged the layout of my parts, I think this is much better now anyways.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Work On The Digital Power Distribution Block And In-line Breaker Switch Mounting Bed

I did some more work on the mounting bed for my digital power distribution block and in-line 100 amp breaker switch mounting bed. I stopped in at Canadian Tire with my sweetie she new ducked out to go for a quick nibble at Perkins for some fries and gravy.... Mmmmm Fries and gravy :P While at Canadian Tire I picked up a length of 1 gauge battery cable for connecting to my digital power distribution block on the Lexan plastic mounting bed I made to fit into the engine bay. That red wire you see (top right) coming from the power distribution block and going into the 100 amp breaker switch will continue on to that 105 amp Bussmann 12 position blade fuse block I have mounted under the passenger side of the car. I'll keep it a conservative 100 amps max to be extra cautious that way there is very little chance of any overloading of the circuit or fuse block. Almost done my set up on this little project, I need to add a ring terminal to the little black ground wire coming from the back of the digital power distribution block so I can found that to the car. I then need to run some 4 gauge to the 100 amp fuse block although the 10 gauge is most likely more that good enough but I'll beef it up to the 4 gauge just in case I decide to run my fog lights through the 100 amp fuse block.... I have to admit it would cut down significantly on the wires currently running from the battery down the inside of the fender, through the old antenna wire hole and up under the dash.... just might make good smart sense to do it this way, less wires to worry about coming loose or rubbing up against sharp metal edges although I have been careful to foresee anything like that and take measures against such things happening.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mounting Bed For Breaker Switch And Digital Power Distribution Block

Although not pictured here I made a cardboard template first to see that my design was going to fit into the engine bay well before cutting it out of Lexan plastic. This stuff is pretty high heat so it took a while with the heat gun to be able to soften up the plastic enough to bend my tabs to the shape you see in the picture above (right).

 Once my shape was made I took it out to the garage for a test fit as I wanted to make sure it was still going to line up good and that with the hood down I would still have room onto of the mounting bed to place my breaker switch and digital power distribution block.

I had to get a little crafty with my digital camera and Gorilla Pod. I taped my digital power distribution block down to my Lexan mounting bed, my breaker switch I had already screwed into place on the bed. I set the timer on my camera and placed it inside of the engine bay pointing at my mounting bed and closed the hood down and waited until the camera took a picture (top right). As you can see there is just enough room for both my mounting bed and the parts I have attached. Once satisfied that this was going to work well I took the parts back inside of my work room and drilled the holes for the distribution block and screwed that onto my Lexan plastic mounting bed.

The final step for this little project now will be to hook up the ground wire for the digital power distribution block and swap out the in-line 100 amp fuse's wires and run them to the 100 amp breaker switch that I have mounted onto my Lexan plastic mounting bed. I should be able to bolt this directly onto the existing bolts protruding from the cap over the shocks, I just need 2 more of the same type of nuts and a couple of washers and that should secure my mounting bed down nicely. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oxygen Supply Screen Spruce Up And Trajectory Guide

I was not to crazy about the boring look of the original Oxygen Supply screen so I did a little sprucing up of it so it looks a little more dynamic. At least now I have the option to change it up to something a lot cooler looking for my K.I.T.T. monitors. Over the weekend I also managed to crank out a really decent looking Trajectory guide screen for my interactive monitors too. I did each animation frame based on screen grabs from the TV show (Episode where Michael and K.I.T.T. get buried under ground.) I made each frame in Photoshop and then animated them in Unity 3D, added sound effects and it turned out great.

My KITT Interactive Screens Trajectory Guid Animation

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Serveillance Mode Screen WIP

Just A quick sneak peak at the surveillance mode screen I'm working on for my K.I.T.T.s Dash monitors.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trip Timer Demo

Trip Timer Added

I added a little trip timer to the pods screen on my interactive monitors for my K.I.T.T. I need to change up those two generic looking GUI buttons for something a little more to my liking but it's a cool little timer and it will work awesome for timing trips in the car.