Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mounting Bed For Breaker Switch And Digital Power Distribution Block

Although not pictured here I made a cardboard template first to see that my design was going to fit into the engine bay well before cutting it out of Lexan plastic. This stuff is pretty high heat so it took a while with the heat gun to be able to soften up the plastic enough to bend my tabs to the shape you see in the picture above (right).

 Once my shape was made I took it out to the garage for a test fit as I wanted to make sure it was still going to line up good and that with the hood down I would still have room onto of the mounting bed to place my breaker switch and digital power distribution block.

I had to get a little crafty with my digital camera and Gorilla Pod. I taped my digital power distribution block down to my Lexan mounting bed, my breaker switch I had already screwed into place on the bed. I set the timer on my camera and placed it inside of the engine bay pointing at my mounting bed and closed the hood down and waited until the camera took a picture (top right). As you can see there is just enough room for both my mounting bed and the parts I have attached. Once satisfied that this was going to work well I took the parts back inside of my work room and drilled the holes for the distribution block and screwed that onto my Lexan plastic mounting bed.

The final step for this little project now will be to hook up the ground wire for the digital power distribution block and swap out the in-line 100 amp fuse's wires and run them to the 100 amp breaker switch that I have mounted onto my Lexan plastic mounting bed. I should be able to bolt this directly onto the existing bolts protruding from the cap over the shocks, I just need 2 more of the same type of nuts and a couple of washers and that should secure my mounting bed down nicely. 

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