Thursday, December 18, 2014

Digital Power Distribution Block And In-Line Breaker Switch Are Installed

I have wired up the digital power distribution block and in-line breaker switch. I pulled the 10 AWG wire that I had going to the 12 position fuse panel on the passenger side and upgraded it to a nice beefy 4 AWG run through the digital power distribution block, in through the 100 amp breaker switch, down along the fender and in through the old antenna wire hole. This way I can minimize the amount of wires that were starting to get crammed in through that hole. I pulled the fog lights wires with their 20 amp in-line fuses as well. I figure I will run the fogs off of that 12 position fuse panel as it has plenty of room and is rated at 105 amps, with a max of 30 amps per circuit. So running the fogs through there just seems to make good sense. Makes for a cleaner install with a lot less bunches of wires running all through that passenger side of the engine bay. There are plenty of free ports on that digital power distribution block should I ever need more power so that's great to have standing by should I have the need.

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