Friday, March 20, 2015

Lower Console Switches Installation And Wiring Diagram

With my lower console overlay finally primed and painted and most of the buttons installed it's getting very near time to start thinking about the wiring job. The coloured buttons are from Jupiter Electronics and came with a small overlay which I was originally going to see if I could use but as it turns out it was just getting in the way of my custom switches overlay I had made out of the Lexan plastic so it hot scrapped. The buttons also came with a solderless connection board as you may recall from previous posts. It was a real bear getting all of the pins to fit into the board I can sure tell you, especially since the way I had done this I had to put the whole group of 10 switches into my overlay and insert them through the hole I had pre cut into the fibreglass console and then insert the pins from the switches into the solderless connection board. A very finicky job but I finally managed it.

Next job on my list of things to do was to carefully go over the connections on the switches to make sure they matched up with the markings on the edge of the board for "Common" or ground, "NO," and the two connections for the switch bulb. one of which on the switch is marked as "+" but no marking on the board so I had to make sure I reflect that in my wiring diagram pictured below. At first glance the solderless connection board looks a little confusing but it's not really, if you looks closely at it you'll see it makes perfect sense. I have made my wiring diagram pretty "Idiot Proof" so even I can follow it lol.

I have no real plans at the moment for what I want these buttons to do so for now they are just going to be wired up to a Molex connector which can be run to a relay board at a future time when I do have a much better idea of what to do with them.... lol I'm sure I'll find something ;)

NOTE: I made a change to the diagram as I realized that I had some connections in the wrong place, this latest one is the correct one.

Here is a sample of how you can connect each switch to a Relay in order to turn on any desired device you would like to hook up to the console switches. As you can see in the diagram below that the switch makes a connection to ground completing the circuit through the Relay's magnetic coil to 12V positive energizing the magnetic coil inside of the Relay and activating it's internal switch which completes the circuit from ground to 12V positive of your desired device. Gotta love those Relays ;)

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