Monday, March 9, 2015

Alternate Music Player Option

We have an alternate music player as a choice of style of player to chose from. This music player is scripted better than the other player and uses a lot more of the UI elements Versus how the other player is laid out with 3D mesh text as music list text which in itself would be fine if I was only planning on having a few "Canned" or built in audio files. Needless to say given what I have done with this alternate player the first one will get a re-designing. Plus this one allows users to add their own music files un-like the other player I had originally made. Once redesigned the original player will have the same features that this one has, but a similar yet re-designed layout. One of the other things that was bugging me about the other player although not very apparent was the fact that the 3D "Selectable" mesh text for the songs list made it impossible for me to place my buttons under the screen that displays the music play list because it was an issue with clicking the buttons and also being able to accidentally clicking one of the songs in the list... an annoying bug I was constantly trying to find a work around for. This new player solves those issues and adds much more versatility.

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