Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Audio Spectrum Comparison Screen WIP

Work in progress on our Audio Spectrum Comparison screen. Right now I have it so two audio specimens can be compared along side each other, one above and one below. By using the "PAN" slider you can direct the audio of each clip to either the right or left speaker so long as the audio was recorded with both channels. Volume slider can control each audio clip independently. By pressing stop or pause you can freeze the spectrum data visual to have a closer visual inspection. Things that still need to be done are the audio clip duration sliders, and the audio match by comparison text indicator. Also the ability to load in a recorded voice sample, this will be done in the same way as our audio recorder screen. I may put a record option on this screen too, but have not yet decided yet. But it's coming along very nicely. I never would have thought that my K.I.T.T. dash would have quite this level of functionality. There is a lot of cool stuff I am looking into as to what can be done using the web cam live stream feature to. I already have that hooked into my Video, Laser Scope, and surveillance mode screen. From what I understand Unity can accept various inputs from Arduino controlled devices like an ultrasonic sensor, which can be used along with the surveillance system or approach warning for if a large object comes within a certain range of the sensor things can be activated inside of my K.I.T.T.s dash software. This opens a whole range of cool possibilities to trick out the dash software something crazy! :)

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