Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Prep Work On Getting The Lower Console Electronics Installed

I'm taking a little break from the software development while the warmer weather is coming. Time to FINALLY get the ball rolling again on some of the manual labour like installing my dash, lower and upper console. Not much I can do on the upper console until I order the electronics for that, even the lower console I need the Space Matt buttons. I had a set of non functioning buttons that I recently sold off in favour of getting some functioning buttons. I made an inquiry to the fellow on Face Book I will be buying the Space Matt buttons for for the dimensions so I can pre cut my hole in the Lexan plastic overlay I am making for my buttons. I have a lot more cutting and filing o do but in the above left photo you can see the progress of my plastic overlay or bed for the buttons. Next are the buttons I got from Jupiter Electronics ready to be installed once I have finished cutting and filing my Lexan plastic mounting bed. 

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