Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lower Console Buttons Wiring Diagram 2

In getting my lower console ready for wiring up to Molex connectors it is important to make sure your switches are wired correctly. The 10 coloured buttons mounted into the solder-less connection board by Jupiter Electronics are pretty simple and may only need a little customization depending on how you want the bulb to light when switch is on or off or if you want the bulb lighted all the time.

These three position white switches are a little more complex as they can turn on two devices (one at a time). So the wiring them to relays is a little more complicated. Better to have it all worked out in my wiring diagrams first to make sure the switches are going to be wired correctly than just start messing around with wires and potentially hook up the switches wrong. These are specialty switches that are a little hard to come by and you REALLY don't need to be blowing them with experimentation's that you are not sure about. So I can't stress the importance of working out good wiring diagrams first and even cross referencing those diagrams with other people in the Knight Rider community who have wired up these types of switches before. I have a lot of great people on the Face Book Knight Rider groups to thanks for all of their help in this.

The above diagram I made with some great help as I say from some awesome people on the Face Book knight Rider Community pages. The one on the left shoes the three position switches connected to common SPST Relays. In this diagram the light inside of the switch remains on at all times

Now with the wiring diagrams worked out the next job will be to start soldering my wires to the switches and connecting them to Molex Connectors in preparation for a future time when I decide what to hook the buttons up to.

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