Friday, April 11, 2014

Fog Lights Supports Mounted Back on and Fog Lights Installed

Once my painted Fog Lights support structures were dry enough to handle I bolted them back onto the impact bar and then began mounting on the Fog Lights.

So far I have each light bolted onto my support structure and I have attached the ground wires to the impact bar. I have the other wires attached to the terminals on each switch for now just so I can keep track of which wire goes where when I'm ready to thread them through the firewall and into one of the consoles.

Although it may not be apparent by looking at my pictures of my Fog Lights install but I think I am going to need to still make a few adjustment in the way the lights are sitting, you see when I put my nose precariously back on just to have a bit of a look to see how they were sitting I discovered that the outer two Fog Lights are a little too forward in the nose section so I will need to bring them back a little more closer to the impact bar.

I will follow up a little more on what I mean with another video and some pictures in my next post to better illustrate what I mean and what my plan of attack will be to correct what I am hoping will be a minor tweak. So fear my though is that all I should need to do is add a little bracket onto the back that my Fog Light can be moved back into to bring it closer to the impact bar.... we'll see ;)

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