Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fog lights Installation Tweaking

So yesterday after I had mounted my Fog Lights onto my support structure that I had made and mounted to the impact bar I discovered that the outermost Fog lights were too close to the openings on the fibreglass nose, so today I set about doing a few tweaks to correct that.

I ended up temporarily taking out the bolts on the middle Fog Lights support structure and swinging the horizontal support inwards towards the impact bar about an inch or so just to make my lights sit more inset into the front nose. Now I have some bare metal to paint but heck that's no biggie. I just need a warm day to do that so the paint will dry properly.

I also did a little bit of the wiring by attaching the blue wires with the fuse holders to the (+) Positive cable on the battery, not the battery but the cable that goes onto the Positive terminal of the battery. I still have my battery totally disconnected while I'm doing all of this work on the car. I also fed the blue wires into some wire protector in preparation to be threaded through the Firewall and to the switches that I'll either mount into upper or lower console, not yet decided that. But I can see already that I will most likely need to lengthen some of the wires with some "Butt Connectors" especially if I choose the upper console.

I might tweak my positioning of my Fog Lights further depending on how they look in the nose, I know the ones closes to the middle of the nose I might for sure as before I moved the support mount back I was pretty happy with where they were situated, so that is a definite possibility. I'm still not sure what route I'm going with my turn signal lights, I'll know more once I have my Fog Lights all set to where I am 100% happy with them and I'll see where I go from there... I'll keep you updated on that. ;)

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