Sunday, April 6, 2014

More Prepping for the Front Nose Fog Lights

Continuing on with some prep work for installing the front nose Fog Lights and relocation of the Turn Signals. My goal for today was just to simply re attach the front Impact Absorption Bar onto the car now that it has been cleaned up and repainted. First step was to place it on it's back so I could put the shims back on and then carefully lift it back into position and insert the bolts into the mounts and then hand tighten the nuts back up until I had it pretty much centred on the car.

With that done I re installed the front nose support structure. I'm pretty sure that nut closest to the front top of the support structure is either going to need to be removed or relocated as it sits right in the middle of where the Knight Rider front nose scanner shelf sits, so I notice it tends to bow the scanner shelf up in the middle creating a slight but noticeable hump or bend. I'll do that later on but for now all I needed to do is get the Impact Absorption Bar, Front Nose Support structure and the front nose back on so I can mark where I will need to install my Fog Light mounting brackets.

While re installing the front nose I can see that my passenger side is still not fitting as nice as I would like, I'm wondering if it is the fender that is more the issue?? Perhaps it need to be adjusted forwards a little to match up more, funny because I didn't notice any miss alignment with the stock front nose. In any event the nose looks a lot better black, even flat primer black it's starting to REALLY come together. I still have a little sanding and priming to do in a few areas on the front nose but it's getting a lot closer. ;)

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