Sunday, April 6, 2014

Prepping the Front Impact Bar for Fog Lights Assemblies

Now that I have a box fan for the back window for ventilation I have been able to get the room set up for some priming and painting of some of these larger parts for K.I.T.T.

I primed and painted the front impact bar that the impact absorption rubber was attached to. It was just white before from the original paint on the car, I took it off and gave it a good going over with engine grease remover, and then cleaned it up several times with soapy water, then gave it a good going over with a scuff pad. I had to remove any of the black pain that had not adhered very well due to a not very good cleanup job before it was painted from white to black. My guess is that they probably figured why bother seeing how this is a part that gets covered with the stock front nose so it's never seen, however with the Knight Rider front nose, you do see this bar a little through the front nose openings for the Fog Lights and relocated turn signals. While researching how to do the Fog Lights I came across many different methods, most seem to use the impact absorption bar to mount the lights but others with higher budgets I noticed got pretty fancy with custom made parts... all depends how much you want or have to spend and personal taste I guess. But for me I figure I might as well utilize the impact absorption bar seeing how it's there and I can easily rig up brackets for the Fog Lights to be mounted to based on what I have seen others do.

My small finishing paint gun was perfect for this part, not to big and not to small. I got a great finish on the impact absorption bar. Now I'll remount it back onto the car after I clean up the front end a little more and then I can refit the front nose and mark where I need to situate my mounting brackets for the Fog Lights and Turn Signals. Then the nose will be coming off again so I can work on getting the Fog Lights assemblies and brackets all into place, then take them off for priming and painting before installing the lights... a lot of put on and then take off, put on and take off in this project ;)

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