Friday, April 4, 2014

Tail Light Blackout Preparation Continued

Continuing on with my Taillights Blackouts installation prep work. I had mentioned in a previous post that my Taillights Blackouts kit that I had purchased from Knight Designs was short the nylon spacers that Billy had accidentally forgotten to include, he sent those out a little over a week ago and they arrived today. Thank you very much for that Billy ;)

So with the nylon spacers arriving today I could work on installing the powder coated steel frame onto the taillights. As you will be able to see in my video I had to make the holes along that narrow channel a little wider to accommodate the self locking nuts that Billy had provided. On his install video it looked easier, not sure why, maybe slight differences in manufacture of taillights housings, I don't know, in any event I had to Dremel out my holes a tiny bit bigger, no biggie, just an extra step so I figured I would give a little info on what I had to do and what type of Dremel bit I had to use.

With the taillights assembly done now all I need is the temperature to get up a little in the garage so I can prime and paint the tear taillights compartment and then I'll be able to install the taillights blackout once the paint has dried. We are still experiencing our seemingly never ending winter here in Winnipeg, but I think it's on the way out now. The temperature in the garage was up to plus 2 degrease Celsius so we are getting close. With that nicer weather on the way I'll be able to do a lot more out in the garage on K.I.T.T. :)

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