Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Work on the Fog Lights Instalment

Continuing on with my installing of the Fog Lights into the front nose of my Knight Rider. I'm basically following along very closely to what I saw another fellow do on one of the Knight Rider forums as I thought what he was doing was very cool and very cost effective for those of us on a bit of a budget, plus I can get a little creative with adding in some more support to this type of support structure for the Fog Lights.

As you can see in both my video and pictures that I had to do a few things a little different from the other fellow in the forums, mostly because the type of bracket he was using with the support in the middle was unavailable at our Canadian version of Home Depot... go figure lol ???

In any event I did find a very strong shelf "L" bracket that was already painted black and I found to be very strong, certainly strong enough for my intended purpose which is to simple create a support and mounting structure for the Fog Lights.

Once I get my support structure material all cut to the right size and bolted to the car I can then take it all apart so I can prime and paint it, once that's done I'll reinstall it onto the car and add my Fog Lights and relocate my Turn Signals into the front of the nose onto my nice support structure. So far I'm very happy with the way this is going. I even like the little lighted rocker switches that come with the Fog Lights, I'm thinking they might work very well in either the upper or lower console, that part I have not yet made any firm decisions on yet, but it's nice having options to choose from. ;)

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