Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Fog Lights Installation Progress

Continuing on with my Fog Lights installation for the Knight Rider front nose. I picked up the 2nd set of Fog Lights and another piece of metal strapping and also the needed bolts I was short on so now I have everything I need, or at least I hope so? ;)

I mounted on my Fog Light brackets onto my  support structure I had made after putting the fibreglass nose back on for another test fit to see where my lights were going to be best placed into the support assembly. I marked the best holes with a sharpie marker and then once again took the nose off and placed it onto the top of the car. LOL I have a blanket on K.I.T.T.'s roof so as to not scratch either the nose or the top of K.I.T.T.'s roof. ;)

I then too the Fog Lights housings off of the mounting hardware that comes with the Fog Lights and bolted those to the areas on my support structure that I had marked with a sharpie marker. Now the holes in the metal strapping were a tiny, tiny bit snug for the bolt that attaches the Fog Lights mounts so I had to get in there with a small round file and open the holes up a little, sure I could have used a "Unibit" but they were not that small so just a quick filing down with the round file was quick enough to open the holes up a little without making them too loose.

Once the Fog Lights mounting hardware was bolted on it was time to take off my support assemblies and bring them inside for some priming and painting. Once I have a good couple of coats of black paint on them and they are dry I can then re bolt them onto the impact absorption bar and then attach the Fog Lights. The fun job of wiring them up will come next ;)

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