Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Dash Preparation

Working on lengthening the wires that were cone ted to the gauge cluster connectors attached to the dash. I snipped the wires from the connector and butt connected longer wires, I used the same colour coded wires from wire that I was able to salvage from the interior of the parts car.

I have them temporarily bunched into two groups, each one for each of the connectors that made the feeds to the back of the gauge cluster. I will test out each connection and make sure that my butt connection job is solid and then I will slip some heat shrink tubing over each of the butt connectors to further secure and protect the connections.

I made sure that I again labeled each wire the same as I had done with my sample connectors that I had labeled taken from the dash of the parts car.

If you look close you can see my wires from the Cyberdyne 8901 Speed sensor unit wrapped up nicely in wire protector. I have that running through the same rubber grommet that the old speedo cable went through, through the firewall and for right now the connector is resting by the cruise control out port for when I am ready to screw in the Cyberdyne unit. 

It took a while to butt connect all of those wires from the gauge cluster connectors today. I have some more work to do on the front of the car before I think I can hook the battery back up to do some testing worth the Multimeter to check my connections.... but little by little it seems like we are getting there... I would be moving along a lot faster if information was not so hard to find. So when I do I have no problem sharing it along further ;)

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