Saturday, April 5, 2014

Taillight Blackouts Frame Assembly Test Fit

I took the assembled steel frame for the taillight blackouts from Knight Designs out into the garage to do a test fit, it looks like it's going to fit really well, so far very, VERY pleased with the way that is coming along. Now I know Billy had mentioned in his install videos that the holes closest to the fenders need to be widened a little, but so far mine looks like it's fitting pretty good, that being said there may still be a reason for needing to do that, I'll know more when I put the nylon nuts back on inside of the rear compartment.

I also still need to prime, paint and clear coat the interior of the taillights compartment, just waiting for the temperature to get up a little more so my paint will dry and cure properly. I also need to re install the bumper once that has been primed and re painted as well. But overall the tail section of K.I.T.T. is coming along nicely. :)

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