Friday, October 10, 2014

Switch Pods Glassing To Dash

In preparation for mounting the Switch Pods onto the Dash I took the dash and Switch Pods out to the garage along with the Dash to do another test fit. I then bolted the Switch Pods onto the Dash getting it ready to glass the pods to the dash. I had to sand off all of the gel coat and primer to get down to the fibre glass.

Using the fibre glass matting and resin I glassed the pods onto the dash. I still need to glass the inside of the pods to the dash which I will do after I sand the outside down to get a good blend between the dash and the pods. I have a good build of fibre glass matting and resin built up making a very strong bond already between the two components.

I began the sanding process using a course sand paper to get a good blend between the two parts. So far so good but I have lots more sanding to do before I can flip over the dash and glass the inside of the Pods to the Dash but it's getting there.

I'm finding that the Switch Pods Unit from Knight Scan Industries is working very well with the Dash from Knight Rider World. Once the glassing and sanding is all done I'll finally be able to prime and paint the dash. I should still be OK for installing the two monitors and frames as I think they are separate components. If I need to spot paint after that installation then so be it. Nothing I can't handle.

I'll post more on my switch pod glassing as it progresses.

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  1. This is awesome!! I had no idea you were doing this. Can I take 3D pictures?