Friday, October 24, 2014

Voice Projection Unit Update II

OK as I kind of sort of suspected those 4 mini-push buttons on the face of the board from the hand held unit are indeed momentary switches, I can only assume after my wire test that there must be components on the board that make them act like latching switches when pressed. This is all good because my thought of using simple SPST Relays in conjunction with the Switch Pod Buttons is valid and should work, I have very little doubt about it not working after conducting my simple wire test of soldering on a couple of wires to the back of the board for the button connection points, powering up the board and simply touching the ends of the wires together, it worked like a dream, so yeah I'm sure a Relay will do the trick.

I also detached the Microphone and indicator LED from the board and migrated them over to the small piece of "ProtoBoard" I had picked up earlier this morning. I powered up the board again to give it another test to make sure all of my mucking about was still working and yes everything looks and works great. Now all I need to do is figure out a good way to mount these two boards into the Upper Console, extend the wires and make a Molex Connector to make the job of installing the Upper Console easier. I have made a video demonstration of what I have done here so I'll upload that shortly so you can see first hand what I have done in video format.

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