Saturday, October 25, 2014

One Minor Change To My Switch Pods Diagram

OK after my experimenting today I found I had one minor change, or major depending on how you look at it. Now although the wires I soldered onto the individual Switch Pods Buttons are "Red" they should in fact be "Black." Red wires should come from my 12V Power source and go to the Relay's Magnetic Coil, as near as I can tell at this stage. I will do a Multimeter test and check if those wires are reading voltage or not, probably something I should have done to start with. In any event as you can see I made the changes to my diagram for now, it may change later depending on what I learn with my Multimeter, but this has been tested using one of the Switch Pod Buttons to test out using a single Relay. The circuit appears to work as currently illustrated although like I say I HAD put "Red" wires coming from my Switch Pod Buttons that go out to the 86 of the Relay, here I currently have them illustrated as being "Black". I was using a SPST Relay rated for 40 Amps which is way more than what needs to be used for this purpose, I will most likely use some mini 12V Relays for this diagram as they should be plenty good here.

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