Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Season One Upper Console

I picked up another upper console from someone on Face Book who had two and was looking to sell, the price was good so I bought one from him. My reason being that although in many ways I like the one I had because of it's flatter streamlined design, I did not like the way it was fitting along the front part of the windshield. The part that wings out at the drivers side had way too much of a gap and although I could fill it in with additional padding along the head-liner I was not overly thrilled with my electronics in it, they are pretty boring and uninteresting, the season one console to me has nicer and more interesting electronics and does actually match my season one dash. Now I'll need to get the electronics and switches for this new upper console. But I took it out yesterday to do a test fit and although I need to modify my mounting brackets I had made for the other console I can already tell that this one is going to fit WAY better than the one I was using.

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