Tuesday, October 21, 2014

K.I.T.T.s Voice Projection Parts Arrive

K.I.T.T.s Voice Projection parts arrived today in the mail. Now this is just something I am going to experiment with. My plan is to see if I can dismantle the hand held unit and figure out it's buttons. My thought is that I may be able to hook up the button connections to a few of the buttons on the Switch Pods Unit and perhaps hide the microphone part of the device into the Upper Console. The Switch Pod buttons I should be able to assign 4 of them to the built in sound effects that came with the Loud Speaker and hook another button to the Voice Projection function. I'll have to test it out first and then see if I can take apart the hand held unit and see if I can fiddle with in relocating it's internal guts to fit my purpose for K.I.T.T. Given my limited electronics knowledge this is going to be another challenge but I will keep my progress well documented so if you want to attempt the same sort of set up, and as long as mine does not blow up then you'll be able to easily follow what I have done and maybe even improve on it. That being said I'm pretty sure what I am going to try and do has already been done but I have NOT yet seen anyone show it.

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