Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Preparing to Paint The Knight Rider Dash

In preparing the Knight Rider Dash for painting I fist carefully masked off all of the areas I don't want affected by the primer or paint. Took a little while to get all of the masking tape carefully put on and cut around the edges of the Lexan plastic overlays. Once that was done I had a little more sanding to do in some areas but with the masking tape on it helped keep dust out of my dash display panels.

With the minor sanding done I then was able to get a couple of coats of sandable primer on, not so much to prepare for painting just yet, more for me to have a better look at where I am sitting with my progress. I can see I have some very light sanding to do in some areas but nothing major. With the first coat of primer on I can see that the glassing of the Pods to the Dash has a really nice blend, the two look like they have always been together, perfect as that's the look I want. I should be good for a few more coats of primer after that and then I can begin to paint my dash. Almost there.

I have not yet decided if I am going to paint my dash a Satin Black or a Gloss Black, although I do have to admit I am leaning more towards a Gloss Black as that I'm thinking would go well with the Lexan Plastic overlays on the display panels. Once all the painting is done I'll clear coat it a few times and then see if it needs any wet sanding.

It's sure nice to be finally getting the dash to this stage, steps closer to getting it in the car and hooked up the the connectors I have attaches to the stock OEM dash.

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