Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Indicator LED Lens and Microphone Grill Added Into Upper Console

I installed the LED Indicator light lens for the Annunciator sound board into the Upper Console. Drilled a hole and then filed it to fit the lens. I cut out a hole for the microphone and snipped out a small piece of speaker grill I had kicking about. I glassed the grill over the microphone hole to secure it in really well.

The next step will be to mount in that small piece of circuit board with the microphone and indicator LED attached to it over where the LED lens and microphone hole is located. Once that's done I just need to loom the wires up nice and secure. I still need to determine a good place under the hood to install the Annunciator loudspeaker as I know I'm more than likely going to need to lengthen it's wires, seems they never give you enough length of wire on any of that stuff... lol then again I guess they never figure someone is going to be installing it in such a way as I am here. ;)

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