Friday, October 3, 2014

Switch Pods Update

I have soldered in my wires onto the connection points on the back of the right hand side Switch Pod buttons board. I went with an 18 AWG wire even though I could have gotten away with something as thin as telephone wire. I didn't have anything that thin kicking around so I went with what I had which was the 18 gauge. I was still able to solder the wires onto the back of the board with ease. I certainly won't have to worry about the wires being able to handle the load from those tiny little tactile buttons that the Knight Rider Switch Pods use, that's for sure. ;) 

I used my Multimeter every time I completed the soldering of two wires to be sure I was still getting a continuity reading through my newly soldered wires when the button was pressed. All was good so I proceeded with the other connections.

Once all the wires were soldered onto the board I tested them again with the Multimeter, all was good so I tucked the wires up through the tube I had secured into the back of the Switch Pod Unit. I did them one at a time being careful to make a label for each wire corresponding to it's respective push button on the pod. Once all of the wires were fed through the tube and properly labeled for easy identification later I bundled then up with Zip Ties nice and neat.

I used perhaps a unique form of labelling to identify each wire to it's respective and corresponding button. I used a series of dots to indicate the buttons singling out one with a red circle to show it's location on the button pad. I marked each label at the top with "R-Pod" to signify Right Pod the other side which I will do tomorrow will be labeled "L-Pod" along with the red dot among the black dots, this way there is little chance if any of mucking up which wire is for which button.

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