Monday, September 1, 2014

Glassing in The Backs Of The Switch Pods

I have begun the task of glassing in the backs of the Switch Pods using those plastic backs I made and fibre glassing over top of them, basically glassing them securely to the backs of the pods. The stuff sets pretty quick so I've been doing it in small one ounce batches and brushing in my fibre glass matting. It's starting to look pretty good. Soon I'll be able to file and sand it all down and then cut out the access holes at the back that I'll make aluminum access plates for as mentioned in my last post.

Here is a closeup shot of one side of my Switch Pods back in the process of being glassed in. This way you can see how I am going about doing this.

There are some out there I know that think this is a crappy Switch pod, but it's REALLY not! Now this is just my opinion of course but if you like a bit of "Do-It-Yourself" (And who Doesn't) and you are like me pretty crafty and innovative then this pod is perfect for the "Do-It-Yourselfer." 

There are some that think I went a little overboard with the aluminum reinforcing to my Pods as well. But to me knowing that damage can result by accidentally bumping your knee's into the Pods as I have heard some had issues with then to me what is a little foresight into that and taking steps to help prevent that type of potential damage from occurring... again "Just My Opinion" not saying "Go Do It" or anything.... it's just an extra step I feel I should do and would be more comfortable knowing I had done. 

I'll pretty much do the same type of "Over the Top" reinforcing when I get around to glassing the Switch Pods to the 2 TV Dash. Hey this is an expensive hobby and I feel that extra mile is worth going, especially if it helps prevent potential expensive repairs later on. ;)

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