Monday, September 29, 2014

Switch Pod Buttons Arrive From KRW

Yayyy... the Switch Pod switches along with the extra buttons set arrived in the mail today from Knight Rider World. Now I can install these into my switch pods, then do another test fit of the dash so I can make sure my switch pods get mounted on in the right position, then I can glass them onto the dash.

I noticed that on the switches boards there are no mounting holes so I'm not sure how these get mounted into the pods. I'm sure I'll figure a way. Maybe cut a hole big enough for the switches to poke through the face of the pods and then use the edge of the boards as a stop or brace and then secure something over top of them inside of the back of the pods to secure them in place.... Hmmmm... going to require a little thought on that. I'm wondering how others have done this with their pod switches installation. Also need to figure out the wiring for these too. The red and black are obvious and I think the white is for the DTMF tones.

On an additional note I wonder how you can make each button do something different? That I would not mind figuring out just so I can solder on the necessary wires and run them through the pod to the back of the dash and label them for easy identification later.... that's if that is possible with this button set that is??

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