Tuesday, September 16, 2014

K.I.T.T.s V.B. Startup Theme Cut Off Button

I made a few very minor changes to the wiring diagram for the Voicebox to include the Knight Rider Theme Cut Off switch and also the DTMF tones request switch. I have been told that 20 or so switches can be wired to the DTMF Tone Request Terminal using this wiring method.

I made a design for an engraved switch bezel for my Voicebox Start up Theme Cut Off or V.B. Theme C.O. for short to go on the engraved bezel, black with white engraved text. I'm getting a local engraver to do it up for me as they are practically just up the street at 1843 Portage Ave.

This is my artwork for my custom engraved V.B. Theme C.O. button bezel. I made a little icon to represent the Voicebox. Feel free to use my design in your own K.I.T.T. replicas if you are wanting a similar button and you want a nice push button name plate. A hole will be included just under the text big enough to accommodate my button.

This is the type of Push ON Push OFF button I am going to use to perform the simple task of jumping the connection on the Voicebox Ground and COM terminals, by pushing the button to the ON position when the startup sequence goes through it's startup routine the included Knight Rider theme will be deactivated. If the button is in the OFF position then the theme will play during the startup sequence. Very simple but nice to have the option available at a simple button press. ;) I will mount this button right next to my Voice Projection button.

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