Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PANP Switches Have Arrived

I love getting packages in the mail from Knight Rider World. Today was the much needed PANP switches fro my 2 TV Knight Rider Dash. Now apart from the LCD monitors we pretty much have all of the dash electronics. I should now be able to wire up the electronics, run my wire loom with the connectors to my dash and finally see my dash in action. There are some things I need to do like install K.I.T.T.s Voice Box, bezel and Countdown Indicators as well as install these PANP switches after I secure in the mounting plate and bezel for them. I so can't way to see this baby all lit up ;) I'll need to test the electronics also just to make sure I do not have any bad boards, they traveled all the way from Italy and have not yet been tested since I got them so I'm going on a lot of faith that they are all OK. One thing I need to look into is how people are testing their dashes before installing them into their cars. At this point I am not sure if they use any type of special equipment or if they simply hook up the the car battery and Bob's yur Uncle ;)

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