Monday, September 29, 2014

Switch Pod Switches Prep Work

I measured my holes big enough to allow the buttons to poke through the face of the switch pod on both sides. I had to do a little cutting of that aluminum bracing support metal I had glassed in there. It would have been nice to have had measurements for the switches before I had glassed in that metal bracing, but Oh well, that's my impatience to get things done for you. ;) Anyways it was not a super difficult job to Dremel out the aluminum where needed.

The switch pod button fire nicely through the holes and now I need to come up with a good method of securing the buttons in place, preferably in a way that should I ever need to remove them for maintenance I will be able to do it with a minimum amount of fuss.

Here is a shot of one of the switch pod buttons just resting in place seen from the back side of the pod's open back panel. As you can see I did go with the Velcro option of holding a back plate on. Here the back plate is removed so I can get my buttons mounted into the pods. I'm not sure of a good way to do this just yet. Perhaps some kind of bracket shaped sort of like an upside down elongated "U" could be fabricated out of Lexan plastic and then screwed onto aluminum mounting tabs that could be glassed into the back of the pods. Maybe some high density foam rubber on the insides of the plastic "U" bracket would provide enough cushion and support needed to hold the buttons firmly in place? Hmmmm... I'll have to see what I can come up with along those lines, try out a few ideas and see what will look like it will have the best chance of working really well.

Here is a view of me just holding one of the switch pod buttons in place from the front side of the pod. Looks good so far but like I say I just need to work out a good method of securing them in from the back whilst still making them easy to remove at any future time.

The other thing is I need to make sure the right buttons go on the right side, that's if that is even very important or not? I'll have to check some reference pictures and see if there is any right or wrong way to the button order. Seeing how the buttons are removable and replaceable with other buttons I can't REALLY see that being too big on an issue though.

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