Sunday, September 7, 2014

Switch Pods Back Access Plates Option

After doing a few test fits with my Switch Pods to the dash I started to notice how close one of the backs of the pods is to the dash itself and I realized that if I ever needed or wanted to get access to the back of the switches wiring and boards it would be very tight in there to get a screwdriver to take the access plates off. So I'm wondering if maybe I should make those access plates attach on with Velcro tabs? I have short screwdrivers but I'm not sure if they are short enough to be able to get that one access plate's screws out. As is what I would have to do is take totally out one of the dash consoles circuit boards, overlay and Lexan plastic cover just to be able to get a screwdriver back there. So another method of attaching those access plates might well be worth looking into. I'll keep you posted on what I finally decide to do for this potential issue.

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