Monday, September 15, 2014

V.B. Wiring Dilemas ???

I'm in the very delicate stage of wiring up my dash electronics. Now one has to keep in mind that I am NOT an electrician, I have had very little knowledge of electronics outside of ripping apart old TV sets, VCRs, DVDs and various other bits of electronics for scrap to be used in some weird "Cyber-Sculpture" I used to do and still do on occasion. I know how to solder wires and I can follow instruction if they are clear enough and make sense to me. Simple wiring diagrams like the two pictured above are good examples, these make sense to me. Although when I look at the two diagrams they do give me some confusion as to how they jive together, some of the connections I clearly understand and some I'm a we bit fuzzy on.... I'll try to explain ;)

The first diagram focuses on the wiring of the P.A.N.P. (Power, Auto, Normal, Pursuit) switches. Now by itself it makes perfect sense to me, No problem. Even the second diagram on the right for the V.B. (Voicebox) wiring by itself makes perfect sense to me. Now my issue is when I try to figure out how they jive together.

On the P.A.N.P. wiring scheme (left) the V.B. shows two power wires (+)
Now on the V.B. wiring scheme (right) the diagram shows a single power wire (+)
This power wire seems to run the lamps for both the Countdown indicators and the P.A.N.P. switch lamps. Now as I say in the diagram on the left for the P.A.N.P. wiring it shows two (+) positive wires that appear to connect together, if I'm understanding that correctly???

Now what I'm wondering is:

Do those two wires V.B. (+) and (+) simply get connected together into one wire that runs both the lamps for the Countdowns and P.A.N.P. switch lamps??

Here is a video where I also try to explain my dilemma. Please ignore the red wire connections from the ANP (Auto, Normal, Pursuit) to the NO (Normally Open) switch terminals, they should be black and I have since changed them to black... my bad.

NOTE: This Voicebox controls the P.A.N.P. switches. The top diagram on the left for the P.A.N.P. to Voicebox wiring I redid based on the lower resolution image that was kind of hard to make out some of the details. I have been told it is correct and accurate.

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