Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Switch Pod Back Access Plates Added

The backs of the Switch Pods have been glassed in and sanded down flat. I was not too concerned about the middle as that part is getting cut out anyways to allow access to the back of the Switches Circuit Boards and wiring.

I made a template out of some thin card stock I had kicking around and traced out two guide lines, the inner line indicates where I will cut out the back of the Pods. The outer line indicates where my aluminum cover plates will rest.

Using the good O'l trusty Dremel tool with a cutting wheel I cut out my access holes on both sides of the Pods. Next I made the aluminum cover plates. I made 4 holes in my card stock template to mark where the screw holes would need to be drilled. Once cut out and drilled the aluminum cover plates were screwed onto the back of the Pod access ports with some short self tapping screws being careful not to over tighten the screws. The aluminum cover plates are secured to the back of the pods very securely. Eventually they will be painted. I will most likely also contact cement onto the back of each cover plate a thin piece of thin high density foam rubber to act as an additional insulation barrier.

Now basically all that's needed is the switches for the Pods, then I can install those. I'll need those before I can cut out the front of the pods for the switches just so as I know what size to cut out my rectangular holes. Then another test fitting off the dash will be in order so I can best determine how my Switch Pods assembly can be glassed onto the 2 TV Dash.

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